Jodar Farms is proud to offer all natural and free range chicken, turkey, duck and Cornish game hen. Our poultry is not simply given access to the outdoors, but is raised outdoors with access to shelter. This allows the birds to get plenty of exercise and fresh air with the opportunity to feed on insects and seeds.

In addition to the insects, seeds and grass the chickens find while foraging, we also feed a supplemental feed ration. Beginning in the 2012 season we will be feeding two different types of supplemental feed. Our first and most common feed will be the All Natural Chicken Feed from Northern Colorado Feeders Supply. This feed is free of antibiotics, growth enhancers and animal byproducts, however, it is likely this feed contains GMO corn and soy. We have decided that focusing on humane treatment and living conditions for our animals is the highest priority, as opposed to buying organic feed. We do have plans for the future to transition to a non-gmo feed, but high grain prices make that feed unsustainable.
One of the very unique aspects of Jodar Farms is relationship that we have with two local breweries in Fort Collins. On a weekly basis Jodar Farms picks up the spent brewers grain from Equinox and Funkwerks which then gets hand mixed into the supplemental feed ration. This byproduct of the brewing process is an excellent feed source and helps diversify the diet of our animals that much more. I have a hunch that it might be one of the reasons our birds taste so great!


All of the eggs produced on Jodar Farms come from hens with no fences. These ladies have been trained to lay eggs in lay boxes and to mosey on home each night. Because of this training we are able to let the layers have full range of the farm, which means they forage constantly. One of the more common hang out locations is in the compost piles….And let me tell you bugs from the compost make the best eggs you’ve ever had! In addition to the forage the hens eat, we also feed a small amount of All Natural Feed to help maintain vitamins and calcium contents.


Beginning in 2011 we are excited to offer a limited amount of range fed pork. The pigs are raised outdoors and have access to a straw bale shelter. The pigs have the freedom to roam a full 1 acre of Compost Mountains and pasture. Our pigs play a large role in the compost process by effectively turning the compost in search of tasty grains and vegetables. This process is a revamped idea of the tried and true model of composting used by Joel Salatin.

Our pigs are also fed a corn soy feed from Northern Colorado Feeders Supply in Fort Collins. Along with their regular feed ration the pigs are given access to brewers grains, discarded fruits and vegetables and fermented grains.

Other Products

Jodar Farms will also have limited numbers of Turkeys, Ducks, and Rabbit for your enjoyment. As a benefit to our CSA members, they will have the first chance to buy these unique products so please email or call to find out the availability of these products.