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Pork Order Packages

You have found the place to buy Jodar Farms pork in bulk.... Welcome to the new world of bulk meat purchasing.  

It can be intimidating at first....but once you go bulk, you never go back!


Jodar Farms

Whole Hog Order


The Whole hog order

Whole Hog orders allow you the greatest flexibility in ordering a wider variety of pork cuts.  Because you are able to custom cut each half of the hog differently, the combinations are endless.  Maybe you want 1/2 bone-in Chops and 1/2 Boneless... Maybe you'd like fresh belly AND Bacon.... well the whole order is the way to go!  But be sure to have some friends to split with or a good size freezer!



  • Most customizable cutting options
  • Easier to split among larger friend groups
  • Up to 2 flavors of sausage
  • Organs, fat and bones included!

Jodar Farms

Half Hog Order

IMG_0961 (2).JPG

The half hog order

The half hog order is the go to for small to medium size families that want to order pork in bulk.  Customers are able to customize their cutting instructions to fit the needs and preferences of their family.  Splitting a half order with a friend is possible, but often times requires a little bartering at the end.... "you get the tenderloin and extra lb of bacon and I'll take the baby backs and extra pack of chops!"  



  • Custom cutting options
  • Perfect for small-medium families
  • One sausage option
  • Organ, fat and bones included!

Jodar Farms

Pork Bundle Packs


The Bundle Packs

New to Jodar Farms in 2018, we are happy to announce another option for bulk pork ordering.  These packs are for the people who know what they like and don't want to get stuck with cuts they are unfamiliar with.  Whether you want to stock up on sausage for a few months or get a variety pack that's ready for the grill, bundle packs are worth a look!



  • Get what you want, when you want it!
  • Buying in bulk=less $$ per pound
  • Choose your pickup date and location
  • Recipe and advice info in the box!