jodar farms at dixon station, wellington co


Why did we move?

Aaron started the poultry business on the small family acreage just east of I-25 and Fort Collins on Vine Drive. It was the perfect place to learn how to raise animals, make lots of mistakes and grow our customer base. But, after 9 seasons of operation Jodar Farms finally outgrew the space on Vine Drive in Fort Collins. We have found a new home in Wellington CO that has plenty of space for us to grow our business and hone our pasture raising skills. The new farm is located just north of the town of Wellington and west of I-25. We have 110 acres of ground to learn, play with and make more mistakes. In addition to the 110 acres of pasture, there is also the old infrastructure for a dairy still in place. These outbuildings, feed yards and fences are not the perfect fit for our business, but many of them can be retrofitted to match our needs. I am especially excited for the next few years as we settle into a new groove and find our place in the Wellington community. A special thanks goes out to Poudre Valley Community Farms, who are the land owners that purchased the farm and have leased to us using long term lease options that give us the stability we needed to grow!


Poudre valley Community farms

Poudre Valley Community Farms (PVCF) is a Land Cooperative; a group of like minded community members who have found ways to cooperatively purchase farm land then lease it back to the new generation of farmers. Together they are created new opportunities for today’s young farmers and hope to break the cycle of “land rich, cash poor” farmer. The vision of PVCF is to create enduring working landscapes and viable agricultural livelihoods in Northern Colorado that conserve natural resources, preserve cultural and agricultural heritage, promote regional food security and stimulate the local economy.

I invite you to PLEASE take some time to learn more about PVCF at and consider becoming a member of the cooperative. The more members in the cooperative, the bigger the impact we can have in conserving farm land for future generations!



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