Q: Do I have to be a member to buy meat products?

A: You can buy pork and eggs from Jodar Farms without being a member.  If you would like to buy chicken, you MUST be a member.

Q: Are your products organically grown?

A: We are NOT organic.  Our animals are fed a conventionally grown feed ration that disallows us from organic certification.  We focus on raising animals with humane treatment and pasture based models in lieu of using organic feed.  Due to our pasture based raising practices, our animals receive a much more varied diet than most industrial organic farms.   

Q: Can we see your farm?

A: We encourage our members and market customers to visit the farm and see what we do out here!  The best day to visit the farm is Sundays during farm store hours.  Kids absolutely love seeing the chickens and pigs running all around.  Be sure to wear proper footwear and clothing to match the weather conditions.  

Q: can we buy unwashed eggs?

A: Eggs in our CSA are delivered unwashed and packaged in reused cartons.  The eggs sold at the farmers market are washed and packaged in new cartons per the requirements of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.