Jodar Farms focuses on raising our animals using pasture based models with direct access to shelter.  Our feed regiment is based on providing the animals the most varied diet possible.  Nutrients gathered from foraging in the pasture as well as the large compost mountains help keep the diet varied.  In addition we also feed our animals a balanced grain based diet that is comes from our local feed mill cooperative and numerous local breweries.  

The grain based feed ration that we use for our animals is the foundation of their balanced diet.  The feed ration is custom milled and mixed at Agfinity Feeds in Eaton, CO.  The ration does contain corn and soy, but in different ratios depending on the animal and it's maturity.  Our feed is made from grains that are conventionally raised and most likely derived from GMO sources.  We understand the stigmas associated with GMO feed rations, however we have not been able to source non-GMO or organic feeds that are consistent and economically viable.  We have instead focused our attention to varying the diet and ensuring the animals do in fact live outdoors and have access to pasture.  

The next large part of our animals diet is sourced from our local craft beer industry.  We have joined forces with 4 of our local breweries to remove their spent brewers grains after they are finished making beer.  Our partners in our crime are Equinox, Horse and Dragon, New Belgium's Pilot Program and CB and Pott's.  So what are brewers grains?  Spent brewers grains are malted cereal grains that have been milled, boiled in the kettle and most sugars extracted from the germ.  When we pick up the brewers grains they are directly out of the brew kettle, moist and often times still steaming when we feed them out.  Depending on the particular beer being made we will see different ratios of malted barely, wheat, oats, corn and other grains.  The protein percentages, fat and sugars will vary from batch to batch but over the years we have found these grains to be a valuable addition to the animals diet.  We firmly believe that the flavor profiles of our products are positively impacted by these grains.  It has also been great to work with these breweries and help take a waste product from one industry and put it to good use in our process.  You can also bring the relationship full circle when you enjoy a pint of beer from your growler at home with your grilled pork chop, pulled pork sandwich, oven roasted hen, scrambled eggs (we don't judge) or any other Jodar Farms product.