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Meat & eggs you can trust.



Jodar Farms has been raising chickens and pigs for 9 years using free range and pasture based growing methods.  By creating habitats for the animals that allow them to partake in natural behaviors; our products have proven to be some of the highest quality when it comes to flavor, freshness and grade.  You can find Jodar Farms products on some of the best restaurants' menus in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver as well  as on the tables of our CSA and farmers market customers up and down the front range.  Our goal is to raise the animals right, harvest the products with care and deliver the highest quality meats and eggs to our customers with the whole story.  These are meat and eggs you can truly trust and feel comfortable feeding to your family! 



Jodar Farms CSA's

Jodar Farms offers a Winter and Summer CSA membership for our Chicken, Eggs and Pork Sausage.  Our customers create customized monthly orders that match the needs of their family.  Once per month pickups are scheduled in Fort Collins, Boulder and Longmont.  Winter CSA season is January-May and our Summer CSA season is June-October.  


Hog Orders

We encourage folks to check out our half and whole hog orders when you are ready to stock that freezer up.  This has been one of the most popular ways to purchase pork as it is the most economical and satisfying way to get our pork products.  Customers choose the way their animal is cut up so you aren't left with random cuts you are unfamiliar with. 


pork bundles

Not quite ready for a whole or half hog?  Check out our smaller pork bundles!  Now our customers can buy larger amounts of the pork they want, without having to commit to the cuts they don't often use.  

Buying the hog is one of the best food decisions we have made in a very long time! Thank You!!
— Linda H
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